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Spooky Seattle, Cats, and More

Hi there!

It's been awhile, but I've been squirreled away now that everything has calmed down for a minute. My oldest child graduated high school and has moved on to college while my husband has been traveling for work. Queen of Water launched in June, and we're looking to see it arrive to paperback in December.

The reviews of Queen have been absolutely fantastic, and I'm thrilled at all the positive feedback, which you can find on Goodreads. Feel free to take a look at what others have had to say and share with a friend if you think they might be interested.

Next on my agenda is Six of Air, a follow-up taking the reigns where Queen left off. Whereas Queen of Water revolved around Meredith, Six of Air will focus more on Isaac as he transitions into the Supernatural realm he never asked for or wanted. Sinister events are afoot as he investigates another crime—this time closer to home. If he hopes to not only solve the mystery but also survive, he must enlist help from his best friend Jay, the woman he walked away from, and an irritating celebrity psychic.

Sound fun and exciting? I think so too.


On Wattpad, I have been working on The Undergrounders, a dystopian tale of a young autistic man in a society divided by caste. The last known human survivors are dying, and Kanden sets off on a dangerous quest to reveal the source, triggering catastrophic events leading to murder, violent riots, and a conspiracy years in the making. Is finding a way to the surface the only option to achieve survival and maintain peace? Is it worth it? Find out HERE.

This is currently a first draft, which I try to polilsh as I go, though eventually, I may pull to rewrite and query. It features a neurodivergent lgbtqa+ character and focuses on themes of social injustice, family, and friendship.

It is being written in three arcs, beginning with the mysterious deaths before leading into the consequences, aftermath, and a final push for the resolution. As an ongoing story, I have chosen to serialize it, and I update every Sunday.

Go check it out!


In other news, I adopted a cat. Miss Angel came off the streets in April, delivering an entire stillborn litter of kittens. After rescuing her, my dad asked if we could take her in and if she'd benefit my daughter as an emotional support animal. After my daughter's illness last year that nearely resulted in her death, she has struggled to transition into school, and these two have been stuck together like glue. It's a very sweet bond, and I am thankful these two found each other.

Angel gets herself into all sorts of mischief between swatting me on the butt every time I walk by, tricking us into feeding her extra wet food, and slapping the dog when Oreo is too hyper. All in all, I'd say she's settled in quite well. 😂

I also seem to have acquired a pair of strays. These two sweethearts were born in my backyard but they're pretty feral still. Someone caught the mother, so it's just Panda and Spitfire (you can see Spitfire hiding under the van, and they've always given the stinkeye since they were a ball of fluff). They meow for food before hissing at me to bugger off. It's pretty darn cute, and I hope to eventually find lovely homes for them.


Finally, I'm on holiday in Seattle, where I've recently reconnected with one of my closest friends of 21 years. We lost track of each other 12 years ago after I accidentally lost his new number, and we only just found each other again a month ago. He is one of the most important people in my life, someone who knows the best and worst about me, and it's still okay. I'm thrilled to have seen him again, and I can't wait for our haunted tour tomorrow. My husband got to meet him too.

Life is short, so hold on to those special friendships and meaningful life moments. Hug your family, friends, and pets. You never know how long you have on Earth.

With love,


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