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The Social Media Bride

July, 2021

Kate couldn't be more excited to get married until everything goes horribly wrong at the altar.

Not only does she find herself unmarried, she loses her job after her reaction is posted to social media and soon faces moving back in with her parents.

As Kate navigates the rules of social media justice and tries to find closure, she learns it's never too late to overcome a scandal and that even the best things can come out of the worst situations.

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Queen of Water

June 3, 2023

Twelve years have passed since Julian Sinclair was killed in a freak accident at work, leaving his wife Meredith alone with their young daughter Ava. Her life isn't perfect, but she's happy with the life they've built together.

On New Year's Eve, Meredith and Ava do a tarot reading for fun. After drawing the Queen of Water in the first reading, she draws it again, but in reverse. Dismissing the disturbing reading as nothing more than nonsense and an overactive imagination, she goes to bed.

Over the next day, she revisits her tarot decks out of curiosity, drawing the same card or its equivalent each time until a visit with a psychic reveals a terrifying message of what's to come.

With her once happy life now in upheaval, the future she desperately tries to avoid comes full circle in a series of events that stretch through generations.


Detective Isaac Boyd has seen his share of messed up cases, but a brutal occult murder leaves him horrified and stumped. Under pressure from a terrible boss and a troubled past, he seeks the girl’s killer to give her family closure.

What he does not expect is an attractive single mother and her connection to the paranormal world. “The ghost made me do it” won’t hold up in any American court, and much as he fights the truth, he can no longer ignore the signs after clues and evidence point to something darker.

With the help of his partner and best friend, Isaac sheds his old life while transitioning into the unknown that will either destroy him or provide answers to the case and his past.

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