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A Mischievous Tale of Magical Mayhem is a free web novel exclusive to Wattpad. This work of fiction is a Homebrew campaign inspired by the rules of D&D, written in litfic rpg style. It is irreverent, raunchy, and queer -- an epic tale of a thief and a maid who get more than they bargained for when a wayward half-elven noble is sent on a quest to investigate a corruption ring on the other side of the realm.

This story is free to read and is updated biweekly on Mondays and Thursdays. 

A Mischievous Tale of Magical Mayhem: About
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Mischief, Magic, and Mayhem

In a world of magic and mayhem, where ferrets fly and trees talk, three unlikely heroes find their fates entangled with a deadly mystery.

Tallon is a elf/human hybrid ranger who leaves a trail of chaos in his wake. With only his wingerret as his companion, he travels the realms at his leisure while living life on a whim with no concept of consequences.

Ben is a natural-born thief with more magical talent than the typical human. He lives and works in a rundown inn owned by the man who raised him and dreams of adventure while doing his best to avoid serious trouble.

When Lord Colbert of Sagehand sends his wayward son to Ballsdeep on a trade and reconnaissance mission, Tallon is miserable. The backwater town is located in a remote section of the world in the seediest of bad locales, and no one wants him there. But when a dangerous, illegal crate falls into the bay and interrupts a heist, a deadly and wide-ranging conspiracy is uncovered.

As Tallon and Ben cross paths, they are forced to work together if they wish to safely escape Ballsdeep while investigating the clandestine operations behind the evil Coconut Conglomerate. During their travels, they gain allies and enemies while fighting their initial attraction and learning to trust one another in this epic fantasy adventure.

A Mischievous Tale of Magical Mayhem: About

About the Authors

Kristi Elliot is a traditionally published author, specializing in Women's Fiction and Paranormal. A romantic at heart, Kristi believes love comes in many varieties and doesn't always fit one label.

S. G. Gardner writes LGBT paranormal and contemporary romance featuring diverse characters. With a passion for storytelling, they intertwine supernatural elements with heartfelt narratives that celebrate love in all its forms.

A Mischievous Tale of Magical Mayhem: About
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