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Below is the complete selection of titles by Kristi Elliot on Wattpad.

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Zombie Soap

July 5, 2019

Soap is supposed to be harmless, but when a pet ferret dies after eating some, a group of friends has doubts. When the ferret suddenly comes back from the dead and attacks them, they have an entirely new set of problems on their hands.


People always figured the apocalypse would come someday, but no one imagined it'd begin with a tainted batch of soap and a ferret. Not only do Jayson and Taylor have to fight off the suddenly-rabid animal, but things go from bad to worse when two of their friends find themselves trapped at work, staring down a gauntlet of ravenous "Soapies" looking for their next living meal. Staying in the city isn't an option, and they know they have to regroup in order to escape to safety. The trip seems impossible with thousands of mindless Soapies in the way, so they have to find allies and outrun enemies while looking out for each other in this apocalyptic tale of friendship and survival.

Book One in the Zombie Soap Series

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