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The Undergrounders

July 31, 2022

The Undergrounders are dying.

Two hundred years ago, climate change and natural disasters drove humanity Underground, forcing them to survive on limited means. The penalty for crime is death — a harsh sentence to deter those who would defy the fragile order set forth by the founders.

An unknown illness sweeps through the Caverns, threatening to kill the population if a cure is not found. The Council assures the people everything is alright; that this is nothing more than a strong yearly virus that will run its course.

Kanden isn't convinced. After a string of questionable deaths, he investigates the source, leading him to a shocking discovery. Realizing the solution lies outside, he seeks a way outside the Caverns — above ground and into the unknown.

Not everyone is on board, and the frightened population will do anything to prevent him from endangering their people and way of life.

Betrayal, violent mobs, and the threat of death loom over Kanden in his race to find a cure and hope for his people's future.

**Contains mature themes of moderate to strong violence, mental health discrimination, and strong language.**

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