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The Circle Season 6: New Season, New Location, New Twists!

Updated: May 8

It’s finally here, and I am living for it!

Season 6 of Netflix’s The Circle finally dropped the first four episodes, and it has been nonstop drama with new faces, an AI, and many shots fired. I haven’t been this entertained since the latest season of Love Is Blind wrapped up the reunion.

I’m going to keep this as spoiler free as possible, so continue on with the comfort (or annoyance) that I won’t ruin anything for y’all!

This year, the Circle films in Atlanta, Georgia, ditching the old digs the network used in the UK for every preceding series.

Also notable is that Netflix did no promo through their Instagram this year, leaving many people wondering on Reddit if the show would continue. The only reason I knew there were two additional seasons was because I’d received an email to apply, but never actually got around to it due to personal circumstances. That said, it would have been nice to have some kind of public announcement on social media so we the fans could hype ourselves up. #NotCool Netflix.

Also new this year is the addition of an AI posing as the ultimate catfish named Max.

Most of the cast consists of your usual influencers with pretty faces and camera ready appearance. Myles even let slip on his Instagram he didn’t audition for the show—the producers found him on Bumble. And 47k applicants! Holy moly, good luck to anyone sifting through all those applications. I don’t envy Netflix producers their job.

I totally meant to post this the week Season 6 aired, but life happened, and here I am in the third batch of recently dropped episodes.

I have to say this show has been my favorite reality show of all time, though I wasn't a fan of a couple of middle seasons. Season 6 really cranks up the drama and weirdness. We're talkin' bout a hot dog plushie and a spoony skelly (remember, no spoilers!).

My thoughts on the cast:

They are... very strange people, and it took me two weeks to wrap my mind around how you can get this many eccentrics in the same cast in one season. Yet weirdly, it works. The cliffhangers are brutal and you really have to wonder why anyone would make some of the choices the players do, but that's the fun of it. Here I am, at 1:00 AM, streaming the latest episodes because I can't sleep first like a normal person. If you're looking for opinions on this season, here is mine: stream it. You'll know by the end of the first episode if you love or hate the cast, but if you get to the second episode and see it through to the first #ShotsFired, you'll probably stick around for the rest because the apartments got flooded with a boatload of tea. Episodes 9-12 are streaming now on Netflix.

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