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The Circle Season 6: Finale and Final Thoughts (Mostly Spoiler Free)

Now that the final episode of #Netflix's #TheCircle Season 6 has aired, I've got thoughts. I'll keep this as Spoiler Free as possible (there are plenty of spoilers across the internet if you're one of those people who likes to know what happens), but there may be one or two details that might slip if you haven't caught up. You've been warned.

First of all, I want to start by reiterating I really do believe this is one of the best shows Reality TV has offered in a long time. This is a real experiment that shows social media in both positive and negative lights. Even though it's a game, people are still interacting with each other, not knowing who is real and who is a catfish.

If you haven't been catfished before, I'll tell you it sucks. I built a strong platonic relationship once with someone through World of Warcraft about oh... ten or fifteen years ago, and I was shocked to learn he was a catfish. He disappeared off the map for over 6 months before randomly messaging me on Facebook to tell me his wife had catfished as him and that nothing was real after a certain amount of time. It shook me to my core because for context, we used voice chat A LOT. And I was definitely speaking to a dude. We had real conversations about real things. And then even after all that, as I tried to navigate the messy emotions that came with catfishing in the mid 00's to early 10's, the friendship was just never the same. It didn't feel right, and I couldn't get over the hurt it caused. We ended up ghosting each other after he and his wife got mad at me for not responding to their texts while I was at work. Our last communication was in December of 2017.

Anyway, so onto my thoughts for this season!

The #ProductionValue sucked. Netflix didn't do anything to promote this season while in the past, they've posted weeks ahead on Instagram. #MichelleButeau wasn't even there. She hosted in the background, but she was noticeably absent during the finale. Not only that, but in previous seasons, the final five have met in a private room over drinks and (occasionally) food. Instead, these cast members were brought straight to the finale stage. What a #Letdown.

Let's talk about the AI AKA Max. The AI was such a fun concept! I really enjoyed watching the contestants interact with Max, but I think I agree with #ScreenRant and have to say Max was brought in way too soon. The contestants interacted with him for a couple of episodes, but then the whole novelty fizzled out like a #FartintheWind. There was a lot of potential there for cast members to continue growing closer only to find out later and even have someone deduce the identity, but nope. Netflix ruined that too.

This season really struggled with pacing. Each batch of episodes had only one blocking, and much as I enjoyed the endless drama (this was a very chaotic group), I would have liked to have seen more action. Not much happened except a lot of backstabbing.

Something else I really don’t like is that when a contestant comes really late into the game, they’re almost always eliminated immediately (the exception being James in Season 3 where he came in late and won). They aren’t given a real chance to connect and bond with other players, so to me, it feels a little pointless and disappointing to watch a player come in, just to know almost instantly as a viewer that these players either won’t last or definitely won’t win.

Also, is it me or was most of the cast very unlikeable with their treatment of each other? Don't get me wrong, I follow several members like I do every season because I genuinely enjoy many of their personalities. I think many of them are possibly nice, and I keep in mind that this is still Reality TV, there are edits, and someone definitely has to be the #Villain. More on that later.

There has always been a certain level of vindictiveness and catty backstabbing, but this took it almost to #LoveIsBlind levels of unnecessary and cruel. Lauren didn't need to do what she did to Autumn. And while Lauren seems nice, it was a crappy thing to do. If you call someone your ride or die, you don't throw them under the bus. Tactically or not, that was not a smart move. At best, it was stupid, at worst, kind of low-key cruel. I don't know how anyone can be that naive and think it's okay. I don't understand, someone please help me understand.

Myles initially comes off as unlikeable, but what I love about him is he's so upfront about who he is. You as a person may not like his personality, and he is loud and a lot, but you know what? I'd take him over any fake nice person any day. Myles would be a solid ride or die if I had to choose anyone out of this cast.

AND LET'S NOT FORGET HIS ALLIANCES! I loved #TresFuego and the #bromance and #romance within the alliance. Yes, I 1000% ship QT and Myles! I need to know like the rest of the internet if those two got together outside the Circle. They have a lot of chemistry, and I really felt like there was something genuine there. Same with Myles and Kyle and their rock-solid friendship. From start to finish, the trio remained loyal and kind to each other. Never underestimate a good friendship. So many things come and go, but I've always said Friendship is one of the most powerful and special connections you can build/nurture.

I really enjoyed QT. There were times I didn’t like her actions but I respect the game she played. A lot of people are whining she had an unfair advantage because she’s a Circle Superfan. I say GOOD FOR HER! It’s not a crime to love a show, and I think she was smart to go in and play the game. Yes, it’s a game and yes, people want to win, but that’s such a stupid thing to complain about. Unless she had inside knowledge the other players didn’t, her being there was perfectly acceptable. She had a strong plan, and even though she got her hands dirty, I can’t make myself hate her. She’s gorgeous, fun, and entertaining to watch. I’m also shipping her with Myles, so if anyone finds out whether they’re official, LET ME KNOW!

Cassie... Dang, that woman loves pink. I like pink too, but wow. She seems nice, but with the weird editing, I couldn't always understand the way she flipped back and forth on certain things. She wanted someone out during the AI round, yet threw Myles under the bus after the big reveal. Why? What was the purpose in doing that? Didn't you get what you wanted? I feel like there was something really big missing in the editing that Netflix felt wasn't important to the viewers. But you know what? I follow her on Instagram. She seems sweet, and I like her friendship with Brandon/Olivia.

Paul/Caress was fun to watch. Caress seems like someone who is really chill, but sadly, needs to spend more time understanding how social media works. I loved the bars, I'd listen to her rap any day. And I won't say what her twist was, but damn, dude, respect to you for that choice. You were a great player, and it really was fun to watch the drama.

I have mixed opinions on Steffi. She's definitely a character, but if you're gonna fire the first shots, be prepared for the fallout. As for how everyone responded though... eek! That was a little brutal and very mean with how other cast mates acted after that. As someone who writes Paranormal fiction, I dig the clairvoyance personality. I could have done without Herbert the skeleton, but to each their own. The world could use less quirk shaming. I respect that she's herself, and I hope had at least one good takeaway from the show.

In plain and simple terms, Autumn was not given a fair chance to play. I can't find a good way to express how I feel about what Lauren did without giving spoilers, but that was cold. #AutumnDeservedBetter

Okay, so I've never been into game streaming. I love gaming but I don't have the attention span to sit and watch other people for hours at a time, playing games I'd rather be playing. YouTube and Twitch are great for educational purposes, and my kids looooooove watching endless content from these people, but I don't get it. That said, one of my friends had to explain to me the cutesy, naive gamer girl act is a thing and it's common. I didn't know this, so I was shocked that people eat it up. I loved how nice she was to everyone. I really did. What I didn't like was that she never really took any chances by constantly playing it safe and acting aloof about it. Do I think she deserved to place the way she did? No. Absolutely not. She definitely should have been ranked higher in the competition in the stage she was at.

Which brings me to Jordon. He was a TERRIBLE casting choice. I don't like saying mean things about people because I know what it's like to be misunderstood and bullied. But NO amount of editing, even for a villain edit, will make this guy likeable or nice because he's not. Everything that comes out of his mouth is robotic at best and unhinged at worst (which was most often the case). He was OBSESSED with Myles and acted like a toddler the moment he realized Myles was more popular than him. He fat shamed himself, in turn fat shaming the rest of us who have cushy sizes. I get that it's not fun being overweight but I also believe in respect to the individual. I'm not saying you should force yourself to like someone based on their looks or lifestyle, but there's a way to treat people, and that's not it. Jordan spent all his time belittling his castmates while claiming he was going in with a strategy. No, that was insecurity at its worst, and toxic in how he portrayed himself, especially in how two-faced he was with Myles, who did nothing to deserve that kind of behavior. If I have to compare Jordan to anyone in the long history of bad #RealityShowVillains, I'd place him up there with Omarosa. They're the villains we #NeverWantedOrAskedFor. They make everything about themselves and cry when the world calls them out on their shit. I'll leave it at that because the internet is already dragging him and I don't want to waste another second wasting my brain cells on this dude.

Kyle was one of my favorite players, and I want to point out that he's the first pro athlete to make it as far as he did. Most are cut early, but Kyle crushed it. Absolutely crushed it, and as my best friend puts it, with the least amount of blood on his hands. He's a man who loves his wife and spoils the f*ck out of his dog. I don't know how you don't like a guy like that. He's loyal to his friends, and he's someone I'd want to be friends with in real life. I hope he and his wife have a wonderful life together and achieve beautiful things.

Finally, Brandon! Oh my god, I loved him on this show! I'll admit I had reservations at first because I just didn't expect his personality, but I loved so much how real he was. This is a man with clear social anxiety issues, someone who knows what it's like to be bullied and judged, yet still played the game true to himself to the best of his ability. He didn't have the best social skills coming in, yet people still liked "Olivia" for a reason. Brandon did better in the one on one scene, which is something I also relate to. He's not camera ready like all these other influencers, and someone a lot of people would underestimate, yet he has proven what it means to have #Goals in overcoming social anxiety barriers. I love him so much and the message he sends to people like me who have been social distancing since 1996.

Overall, I still think this is a great show. It'll always be one of my favorites, which helped pull me out of a deeply depressive state during the pandemic. I had a lot going on, and this helped me through the darkness that can overwhelm my low thoughts. That said, I'm going to give this show one more chance. Season 7 was announced with Season 6 last year, so if the show continues (assuming they don't randomly cut the next season for who knows what reason), Netflix had better up their game. They really let not only the fans down, but the cast mates as well with that crappy finale.

There were three people I felt were deserving of the finale, and I was happy with the top two. I absolutely loved who won, though the internet probably has a majorly different opinion. But you know what they say: you can't please everyone.

The Circle Season 6 is now streaming in its entierity on Netflix.

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